Malam Budaya Indonesia 2014


Indonesian Cultural Night is the bi-annual program of Indonesian Student Association of Hokkaido (PPI Hokkaido). The program has been performed since a few years ago and welcomed enthusiastically by Japanese communities in Hokkaido. The event is expected to go further in promoting Indonesian culture and to intensify close friendship between Indonesian and Japanese societies, and other international societies in Hokkaido.

After having a break for two consecutive years from 2012, Indonesian Cultural Night makes its comeback in 2014 with various cultural performances including Dance, Indonesian musical instrument like Angklung and For the first time ever they’re all veiled in a theatrical drama titled “Roro Jonggrang and 1000 temples” (ロロ ジョングランと1000の寺院). Make sure you are one of the witness among the crowd to watch this!!

Date and Place:

Saturday, 22 November 2014 Higashi Kumin center 2nd Floor


Ticket Before date) (On date
Adult 2000円 2500円
University Student 1500円 2000円
Student 1000円 1500円
チケット (前売り) (当日)
2000円 2500円
大学 1500円 2000円
学生(小・中・高 1000円 1500円


Naufal Rospriandana (Head of Event Malam Budaya Indonesia 2014)

Mobile : +81-80-5833-6890 (for Bahasa Indonesia and English)

Desi Utami (Public Relations)

Mobile : +81-90-2819-4360 (for English, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese)

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